Duo Nagai/Weitzel


Chie Nagai and Joshua Weitzel collaborate as musicians, partners, parents.

With their broad influences ranging from contemporary composed music to noise music, free improvisation and music pedagogy, they create music that is serious but maintains a playful, almost childish element.

現代三味線デュオ Contemporary Shamisen Duo

In this duo with Saito Ryota, we explore new possibilities in sound-making on the shamisen. Our research has given us a steadily growing repertoire of noises, emphasising extended technique and crossing the notion of "tradition". Our aim is to transport the shamisen into the 21 century chamber music context.




Photo: Patrick Vierthaler

Duo Lentz/Weitzel
Ulrike Lentz - Flutes, JW - Shamisen

Ulrike Lentz and Joshua Weitzel are experts for extended techniques on their instruments. They make full use of their means of sound production in this duo, resulting in playful improvisations that do not fear taking risk and encompass a sonic landscape ranging from almost lyrical melodies to odd noises. 

Dave Stockard/ Joshua Weitzel Duo

Irish Percussionist Dave W Stockard and Joshua Weitzel play music resonating from the Basement of Hundred Years Gallery.






Photo: Montse Gallego

Duo Weitzel/ Petzoldt

Eric Petzoldt (Saxophone) and Joshua Weitzel (Electronics, Guitar) play music that synthesises the lyrical element of Jazz with Noise music.


Photo: Patrick Vierthaler

International Central German Noise Ensemble
(Currently inactive)
Eric Petzoldt: Sax and Flute

Sebastian Koisser: Guitar

Chie Nagai: Voice, Objects

Lusi Krummenacher: Drums

Joshua Weitzel: Guitar, Shamisen, Electronics